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Past Items:

TX News Notes (Archived since the opening of this web site. For earlier versions, email us
2-14-2007 Final Edition
1-22-2007 Mold Report
1-9-2007 Special Edition

Caregivers' Forum:

We've all asked for it!  Now, it's here!!  Take a look at the flyer (in MS Word or Adobe PDF format) which announces the TRANSPLANT CAREGIVERS NEW CAREGIVERS' FORUM,  26 in the Presbyterian Hospital on the 14th floor - Room 101.  Each session will run 4:00-5:30 PM - and is open to all caregivers of pre- and/or post-tx patients - no matter what the organ.  The issues and questions are often the same among liver and lung people.

Adline Warwick-Thompson, social work intern, will be facilitating the sessions.  She can be reached at 212-305-1884
Please RSVP if you plan to attend, or call if you have any questions.

Y'all take advantage of this opportunity!  Come equipped with all your expertise, your stories, your questions.  It's a good chance to get the help and support you want and offer benefit of your experience.  And maybe even make some new friends.  Thanks, Adline!  and Thanks, Terry, for getting the word out to all.

Please be sure to ask me about reduced parking passes for those of you who are interested.

Have you seen the New York State "Keep Your Germs To Yourself" commercials? Pretty cool. You can check out the video on a Syracuse, NY TV stations's Web Site.

Interested in the
NY Times' Health Update Podcasts ? You can either just download & listen, or subscribe.
Here's an interesting one on the
Effects of Air Fresheners on the Lungs .

Instant Poll where you can express your opinion on hospitals' opt-out of organ donation after cardiac death. For more info, see the Past Items  section of this web site and the news article "A Second Look at Death"

Has this ever happened to you? Excellent
Article on Drug Errors  from this week's Science Times ( Here in PDF format )

Interesting Times article on all the outbreaks of
Dangerous Food  lately ( Here as PDF )

Google Transplant News

NYPH was voted the Best Hospital in New York Magazine's 2006 Rankings
Moving? Don't live in NY area? U.S. News ranked the 176 Best Hospitals in America

Medicare (CMS) is requesting public comment on the need for pulmonary rehab until January 26. You can help.
To  comment:
If you have any problems loading the page, here is Google's cached version of the cms web site, and here is the Public Comment page.
Thanks to Frank Barrett from EFFORTS for the alert.

Looking for our User's Group? It has been shut down due to privacy issues. If you are interested in a good TX user's group:
Transplant Support User's Group on MSN (Lung, Heart, Heart/Lung)

In the News:

An interesting column on hospitals and organ donation from the Dec. 15 New York Times Op-Ed page by Francis L. Delmonico - a transplant surgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital and the medical director of the New England Organ Bank entitled a Second Look at Death.
You can find it on the
New York Times web site ., or here as a PDF file
Other recent articles on transplants from the New York Times (1st link is to Times' Web Site, 2nd link is to PDF file stored on this site):
A Medical Dimension to a Religious Debate   - November, 2006
Lung Patients See a New Era of Transplants - September 2006
If you are a news junky like I am, here's Google's Lung Transplant News and Yahoo's Lung Transplant News pages.

Interesting article in Jan 16 NY Times on increase in organ donors in the NY metro area due to new program (PDF Version)

Latest budget from the White House proposes reducing the cap on O2 payments down to 13 months.

Times article on latest proposed cuts to Medicaid/Medicare, and one on counterfeit drugs in China.

Interesting article in Jan 16 NY Times on increase in organ donors in the NY metro area due to new program (PDF Version)

As of October, 2006, new (New York) drivers licenses will include a space for identifying organ donors.
And, beginning in January, 2007, license applications and renewal forms (in NY) will encourage voluntary $1 contributions to "
Donate Life----Pass It On ", the state Department of Health's registry for organ and tissue donation. And, Donate Life America lists contacts for organ donation through the U.S.
For more information on the new NY laws, see the
New Rules of the Road for 2007 .

Here's a fun toy for your kids or grandkids so they can have some empathy for you.

Advanced Directives - includes links for the tri-state area.

Dr. Jessie Wilt presented her talk on Advanced Directives at the January 9th meeting. After the presentation, Phyllis ran a Q&A discussion group. Great to see all the new members in the program, and we hope to see more of you at future meetings.

Here is a copy of Dr. Wilt's presentation in
PowerPoint and Adobe PDF formats.

If you are interested in the Health Care Proxy form from New York State, you can either download and print a copy (in any one of four languages), or you can order the form mailed to your home or business. The New York State DOH additionally has training material on the New York State Health Care Proxy Web Site.
There is also some interesting and useful information there on Patient's Rights. Worth taking a look at.

If you live in New Jersey, here are two excellent documents:
Advanced Directives Brochure
(2 pages) and Advanced Directives for Health Care in PDF or MS Word format (27 pages)

For those in Connecticut, check out Advanced Directive - Planning for Important Health Care Decisions

March 18-24 is National Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week. Many rehab facilities will have special activities - open houses, free spirometry tests, educational programs, etc.
Here's a few of the larger ones in the NY Metro area:
Columbia New York Presbyterian Contact:  Kim: 212-305-0890
Hackensack Pulmonary Rehabilitation: 201-996-3856
Nassau University Medical Center: (516) 572 0123
Good Samaritan Pulmonary Rehab: (631)376-4108
Helen Hayes Pulmonary Rehab: 845 786-4254 or 1-888-70-REHAB, ext. 4254

Documents available for download (For News Notes, see above):

Audio & Video:

Circle for Life: Transplant Awareness Celebration - Friday May 4,2007 in the Armory

Past Meetings:

Tuesday, Jan. 9, 4-6 pm                      Jessie Wilt, MD: Advanced Directives
Wednesday, Jan. 17, 1:30-3:30          Theresa M. Daly, FNP  Lung Tx: Is it really worth it?
Thursday, Jan 25, 1-3 pm                   Charlotte Cabello, DNP The Post Operative Transplant Care Unit and You
Monday, Feb. 5, 4-6 pm                      Jessie Wilt, MD  Bronchoscopy and Post-transplant infections  POSTPONED
Tuesday, Feb 13, 4-6 pm:                    Selim Arcasoy, MD, FCCP, FACP
Wednesday, Feb. 21, 1:30-3:30 (3)     Theresa M. Daly, FNP 
Monday, March 5, 4-6 pm                   Mathew Bartels, MD, MPH  Rehabilitation Medicine


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